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We refer to our preschool through grade 12 religious school as Torah Center, because Jewish values and Torah are at the core of our educational program.  We provide a hands-on, experiential learning program that strives to encompass our students’ interests and diverse learning styles.  Our goal is to excite and engage students—through meaningful relationships with peers, teachers, and the wider congregational community. Ultimately, our students feel a deep connection to Judaism and a responsibility to make the world a better place.

While at Torah Center, students spend time together learning the grade level Judaica and Hebrew curriculum and participate in weekly t’filah (worship experience). They also enjoy various chugim such as music, art, Israeli dance, Jewish cooking, and more.  In addition to the classroom experience, our students learn from regular field trips, social programs, weekend retreats, Shabbat celebrations, etc.

We value our partnership with religious school families, whom are welcomed throughout the year to join in grade-level Shabbat services, holiday programs, family learning days, field trips, and opportunities for tikkun olam.

We invite you to be part of our Torah Center community, as well.


Over the course of our preschool through grade 12 experience, the following topics are covered in-depth:

  • Shabbat
  • Jewish holidays and symbols
  • The synagogue
  • The Jewish calendar
  • Torah and prophets stories
  • Jewish ritual
  • Israel
  • Jewish lifecycle
  • Jewish heroes and values
  • The Holocaust
  • Jewish history
  • God
  • Sacred Jewish relationships
  • Justice and Judaism
  • Comparative Judaism
  • Jewish identity
  • Current events and issues through a Jewish lens
  • Mitzvot and community service
  • Working as a madrich/a (teaching assistant)
  • Jewish music, art, cooking, and culture
  • Reform liturgy and prayer
  • Hebrew prayer and vocabulary