Our Values

Our mission and vision are inspired by the story of creation and our responsibility as the Jewish People to the ongoing repair of the world.

The world began with a single spark. A beam of light emanated from a pinpoint in the very center of the hollow, empty space created by the contraction of the infinite. The universe was awakened. From those first moments of existence, continuing to spread, the light was placed in a single vessel. The act of creation in our Torah is one of fashioning order by recognizing, assembling, and arranging the substance of the universe. The story we are told is that the vessel was unable to contain the continually expanding light, all of the beauty in our world. In a giant explosion, it broke open, and the sparks and shards were flung near and far to the corners of our world.

Our task, then, is to make our way around this world and collect these sparks.

Our Mission Statement

Guided by Reform Jewish values, our mission is to engage in a journey of prayer, learning, and community that inspires us to transform ourselves and the world.

Our Vision Statement

As a vibrant Reform Jewish congregation, we are committed to being:

  • Welcoming – accepting, diverse, inclusive, and accessible;
  • Traditional and Relevant – honoring the past, embracing the present, and envisioning the future;
  • Connected – creating opportunities to support and be supported, to build strong relationships and to grow;
  • Compassionate – engaging in and repairing the world in which we live;
  • Sustainable – securing our future through a strong foundation of finance and inspired leadership.

Our Values

We hold these core values as sacred in every initiative and interaction.

Kehillat Chesed – We foster a community that is inclusive and welcoming. We embrace diversity in its many forms through acts of loving-kindness and take pride in sharing Jewish celebrations, life events, and traditions together. L’dor v’dor, from generation to generation, we embark on this spiritual journey.

Talmud Torah – We are committed to life-long Jewish learning as a way of connecting to our past, present, and future. Our Torah Center program focuses on creating memorable moments for children of all ages and prioritizes quality experiences and meaningful relationships. Our Joys of Jewish Learning program provides learning opportunities for adults at all stages of their Jewish journey and strives to facilitate connections between learners based on a mutual love of community and the wisdom of Torah and Jewish tradition.

Tikkun – We are both commanded and moved to build, nourish and repair ourselves, our congregation, our Long Beach neighborhoods and partnerships, the greater Jewish community, and the world around us. We engage in Tikkun Atzmi (repair of the body and soul) through worship opportunities and study groups, understanding that personal growth forms the basis for community action. With a view towards Tzedek (justice) and our concern for the world we will leave to future generations, we embrace Tikkun Olam (repair of the world).

These values are expressions of and bring us to a life of Kedusha (holiness) – one leading to the other; kindness to learning and learning to repair.

We look forward to providing you with information about our Temple, our staff and our programs in the near future. If you would like to suggest additional content for this page or if you have questions, please email us at info@tilb.org.