Judaism is steeped in rituals and traditions that date back thousands of years. Temple Israel is proud to continue these customs while collaborating with families to create meaningful lifecycle moments. Please reach out to our clergy for additional information.


Jewish babies are named shortly after birth. During a ceremony at either the temple or at home, new parents have an opportunity to explain how they chose their baby’s name and its significance. Participants recite blessings that acknowledge the child has been entered into a brit, or covenant, with God. The traditional wish is offered—that this child may grow into a life of Torah study, experience loving relationships, and perform good deeds.

If a baby boy is circumcised (b’rit milah) on or close to the eighth day after birth, he is also given a Hebrew name during the ceremony. Baby girls may receive their Hebrew names at any time—although namings typically take place within the first few weeks of the baby’s life.

B’nai Mitzvah 

At Temple Israel, our goal is to create a meaningful bar/bat mitzvah experience for your child and family. We hope this milestone launches a lifelong journey of Jewish learning and growth. Your child’s bar or bat mitzvah service, as well as the months spent preparing for it, will deepen your family’s connection to Jewish prayer, to Jewish living and, in turn, to our Jewish community.

In addition to Torah Center classes, b’nai mitzvah students engage in one-on-one study with both the Cantor and the Rabbi. This time is critical in their preparation and serves as an opportunity to connect with our clergy.

Weddings/Simchas (joyful moments)

If you are celebrating a lifecycle moment such as a wedding or anniversary, please contact our clergy for more information.

End of Life and Pastoral Counseling

Temple Israel is here for you during times of simcha, joy, and sorrow. We encourage you to call the Temple Office or any of the clergy to share what is happening in your lives so we may support you—whether facing challenges or rejoicing. Please keep us in the loop by calling our main office at (562) 434-0996 or emailing our clergy directly.